Flower Rocket AS SEEN ON TV Hybrid Sunflower Kit Over 200 Seeds

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Create your own flourishing garden at home with help of this Pre-seeded Sunflower Grow Kit. This pack is infused with more than 200 premium seeds, which is more than enough to get your started on your own spread. Enjoy colorful blooms with these biodegradable pods. This grow-your-own-sunflower kit makes it a lot easier for gardening newbies to plant. With the nutrients already mixed in, all you need to do is find a position, roll them out and water. This pack is suited for urban gardeners, window boxes, pots and balconies. If planting outdoors, be sure to roll out after the last frost to achieve maximum germination. This flower rocket kit will allow you to enjoy a continuous growth of blooms all summer long.

Pre-seeded Sunflower Flower Rocket Grow Kit:
  • Gardening made easy
  • Simply roll out and water
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Grow-your-own-sunflower kit is suited for pots, window boxes or in the garden
  • Contains premium seeds and nutrients
  • Grow colorful and fragrant flowers
  • Over 200 premium seeds
  • Flower rocket kit is recommended to be planted after the last frost for maximum germination
  • Suited for urban gardeners and beginners
  • Can also be planted indoors