Tomato Rocket AS SEEN ON TV Tomato Rocket Kit Over Makes 10 lbs

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Tomato Rocket Grow kit is the new way to grow juicy tomatoes. Rocket contains hand picked premium-grade seeds, Marion variety. Grows 6-8 oz. fruit, round, juicy & dark red in color. Enjoy tasty tomatoes with these biodegradable pods. Great for urban gardens and balconies. Just plant the pod in soil and water daily. If planting outdoors, plant after last frost to achieve maximum germination. Pre-seeded Tomato Rocket Grow Kit 
  • Gardening Made Easy
  • Simply Roll out & water
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Juicy "Marion" variety tomato
  • Great for pots, window boxes, or in the garden
  • Contains premium seeds & nutrients
  • Grow juicy homegrown tomatoes easily