Walkfit Orthotics Women 8-8.5 Men 7-7.5 Custom Arches Low Med High

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Benefits your body and quality of life.

Engineered to help align your spine, feet and pelvic areas to reduce foot, knee, hip and lower back pain.
Improves comfort when standing, walking or running.
Strengthen & steady heels and ankles.
Foot arch support inserts distributes weight evenly over your feet.
Reduces stress on knee joints.
Comfortable metatarsal and longitudinal support with cushioning for your feet.
Designed to conform to the shape of your foot.
Cradles feet for improved stability, posture and balance.

Also helps to:

Protect your feet, legs and spine from the stress of running, walking, and playing sports.
Prevent and treat foot pain.
Relieve lower back pain.
Balance hips for easier movement.
Provide support and alignment for flat feet.
Reduce painful bunions, burning, calluses and corns.
Prevent feet from rolling inwards, supporting the aches from flattening.